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Magnet drive conversion of Guinard pump

For an oil refinery, we have fitted an existing Guinard pump with a magnetic coupling. This pump was originally equipped with a mechanical seal, but this frequently caused malfunctions. Because the customer has had good experiences with magnetically coupled pumps in the same application, but there is no directly suitable pump with the same installation dimensions available, it was decided to call in Roodhart to convert the current pump. For this modification we used a Truflo magnet driven ANSI process pump. It is adapted for installation with the current pump housing.

We also provided the bearing bracket with a new pump shaft so that the current impeller could also be used without any problems. After the modification, the pump was tested both mechanically and hydraulically on our own test bench. After a successful test, the pump was put back into operation with exactly the same installation dimensions as before, but without the problems caused by the old shaft seal.