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Mechanical seal upgrade Houttuin pump

Roodhart has carried out a 24-hour overhaul of a Houttuin screw pump for a tank terminal in Europoort. After the failure of all four mechanical seals of this pump had been detected by the customer, it was decided to remove the pump in its entirety and transport it to Roodhart’s workshop. The pump was then partially disassembled in the workshop so that the mechanical seals could be reached. All four have been completely cleaned, inspected and overhauled. The treads were lapped and the elastomers were replaced. The reassembled mechanical seals have all been individually tested for tightness. After mounting in the pump, the pump itself has also been statically tested for airtightness. After mounting and adjusting the pump, it was returned to the customer and built back into the pipe. After alignment of the pump set, it has been successfully tested before being used in normal use.