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Major overhaul Flowserve BVC – 140-Y1

We have carried out a complete overhaul of one of their Flowserve BVC pumps for Delfluent. The BVC is a vertical pump that runs in a concrete pump housing, a so-called concrete volute pump. Not the least, because with a capacity of no less than 28,000 m³ / hour, this is a pump with serious dimensions. After disassembly of the back pull out unit, where the complaint was that it leaked on the primary seal, an on-site inspection was carried out at the pump housing in the pumping station. The whole was then disassembled, inspected and cleaned in our workshop. Various parts have been replaced, modified and adapted. We also made various adjustments to the electric motor for the purpose of alignment.

We also installed the complete installation including electric motor after overhaul.