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Product features

Centrifugal pumps according to ISO 2858 AND ISO 5199

Industrial applications, fresh and sea water, condensate, oils, chemical and petrochemical products.  General industry, shipbuilding industry, heating installations, air conditioning system, aqueducts, wastewater treatment plants, fire fighting, petrochemical plants.

Most important features
Single-stage centrifugal pump with axial inlet. Impeller with high hydraulic efficiency, closed type, statically and dynamically balanced. Low axial reaction force thanks to a impeller with balancing holes. The bearings are placed in an oil bath or, on request, by self-lubricating or grease-lubricated ball bearings. The bearing bracket is usually made of cast iron, but optionally also made of bronze or stainless steel for special versions (non-magnetic pumps).

The CN pumps are standard equipped with a single-acting mechanical seal in accordance with DIN 24960. Special mechanical seals or cartridge types for specific applications or aggressive liquids. For temperatures above 120 ° C it is possible to equip the pump with a cooling chamber.

Small and medium-sized pumps can be equipped with built-in suction element; all sizes can be supplied in a self-priming version with ejector. Back pullout design It is possible to disassemble the bearing bracket without having to disassemble pipes, pump housing and motor first if the pump is installed with a flexible “spacer” coupling. Special versions The Garbarino CN series is available in many materials, from standard cast iron to (super) duplex. The pump housing and sealing chamber can be fitted with a heating jacket if the liquid to be pumped must in all cases remain above a certain temperature. In addition, this connection to the sealing chamber can also be used as a cooling jacket, for hot applications. For applications with a certain amount of solid particles, there is a version with a semi-open impeller.



Product specs

Flowratemaximum 550 m3/hr
Headmaximum 250 m.
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